Are you looking for new typical "Made in Italy" products?

Casa Sapori is the right solution for you!

Through Casa Sapori you can discover new artisans, request samples or buy products directly in few clicks, wherever you are.

100% Italian products

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Italian products

Who is Casa Sapori for?

Casa Sapori allows you to purchase supplies for your restaurant.

Do you have a restaurant or a pizzeria?

Casa Sapori allows you to purchase supplies for your restaurant.

Do you have a shop selling Italian traditional products?

Casa Sapori allows you to purchase supplies for your restaurant.

Are you a food wholesaler?

If you are an operator in the food industry, you are in the right place! Through Casa Sapori you can buy typical 100% Italian products directly from producers.

Casa Sapori for Buyers

Are you looking for reliable suppliers of typical Italian products? Sign up on Casa Sapori: browse the company pages and evaluate the product catalog, request samples and buy safely through our platform.

Are you looking for new Made in Italy food products?

How many times have you happened to need a specific Italian product? How to find an high quality Italian manufacturer that is also reliable?

“Where can I find cherry tomatoes with this hawesome flavor?”

Find out new companies and new products

Casa Sapori is the solution for you!

We have tried to make the search, selection and purchase process of typical Italian products easy and smooth.

Select your search criteria, discover the online showcase of the manufacturers that respect your criteria and buy online. Everything in few clicks!

Complete the order online

We have created the best experience of buying typical products! Buying food products online has never been easier.

Quality, price and level of service are our backbone.

We carefully select products and suppliers. Data sheets and company pages will guide you in your choice. Orders will be delivered within 7 working days.

By signing up, you will be our partner and we will not waste your time.

Why Casa Sapori?

Thanks to Casa Sapori you can get in touch with dozens of producers, request samples or buy products directly in few clicks comfortably wherever you are.

High quality

Casa Sapori means exclusivity, quality and level of service. The producers who join Casa Sapori will satisfy your needs. Like in the old times, they still produce through artisanal processes through best practices that are handed down from father to son.


Choosing new products will be a "no-brainer" with Casa Sapori.


Receive products within 7 working days. In Casa Sapori we know what "on time" is and how is important for you.


Casa Sapori is not for everyone, but only for producers and buyers who meet and respect certain requirements.


We give you all the information you need to help in your decision to buy. In addition, producers directly share their quality certifications (DOC, DOCG, IGP ...), export certifications (IFS, BRC, ...) and safety certifications (HACCCP).

Italian marketplace

Casa Sapori is not just matching, but you really buy the products you want.

Level of service

Request product samples directly online. Producers will reply in 24 hours.

Trust and reliability

Our experts visited the manufacturers and checked the products in person for you. Trust us and your experience will be amazing!

How to buy on Casa Sapori?

Sign Up Request

Fill in the registration form on our portal in few minutes. It is very simple.

Wait for the confirmation

Within 24h you will receive the final confirmation to have access to your marketplace

Go to the online market

Start evaluating each product information sheets, or write us an announcement and complete the purchase.

Being able to buy typical products on Casa Sapori is extremely simple: after completing the accreditation procedure you can immediately start operating, get in touch with producers and ask them for samples or complete your first purchase. You will not be able to work anymore without Casa Sapori. 

Seamless experience in the Italian food industry. Everything without any cost…

Therefore, what are you waiting for?

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